At Little Language Ambassadors, it is our goal to provide our students with high quality early childhood education in Spanish. All classes are taught by highly qualified, native-Spanish speaking teachers. Our classes are group based and are taught in a stress-free, fun, and interactive environment. We have a small student to teacher ratio where skills develop through positive interaction with teachers and peers. While introducing all concepts and activities in Spanish, we also work to support the whole child, focusing on key developmental skills.

Spanish Language Acquisition

Here at Little Language Ambassadors, our students acquire language skills through the Natural Approach to learning. The Natural Approach is a developmental method of teaching that mimics how a person acquires their first language. Our students learn the traditional skills of reading, writing, math and science while immersed in Spanish. Language skills are enhanced through the use of music, arts & craft, active games, hands-on materials, storytelling and shared reading.

Social-Emotional Skills

The social-emotional growth of children is a key element of our curriculum because we know that, without strong social-emotional skills, children will not be successful in the world around them. We foster this development by building relationships amongst children and adults through warm, respectful communication and modeling. We help each child develop a strong sense of individual self-worth, and build a community which appreciates the uniqueness of each adult and child.

Physical Skills – Gross Motor

The development of strong gross motor skills is vital to many experiences children will have in their future, both in and out of school – such as sitting at a desk, playing on the playground, participating in sports, riding a bicycle, exercising, writing and self-regulation. We therefore provide a wide variety of exciting gross motor experiences, offering a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Physical Skills – Fine Motor

In our school, we support the development of fine motor skills by providing a variety of hands-on experiences including writing, drawing, cutting, clay-work, painting and the creation of 3-dimensional art. We also provide a wide variety of sensory-rich experiences, knowing that the more surfaces children touch, the more their sensitivity to texture solidifies and the more their hand-eye coordination increases.

Cognitive Skills 

In today’s world, where Google can answer any question and provide you with any fact, our primary focus is teaching children how to think, as opposed to telling them what to think. We encourage children to not only ask questions, but to help find the answers themselves. Our goal is to provide experiences in which the children have the ability to physically process information and to create connections in their minds, literally building their own knowledge.

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